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Welcome to the Miss Meta Universe, where we celebrate the timeless allure of the modern elegance revolution of feminine influence! Throughout history, women have mesmerized us with their grace, poise, and charm. From the gentle curves of a face to the radiant glow of flawless skin, there's something truly enchanting about a woman's beauty.

Miss Meta Universe is shaking off the old way defining women roll. introducing a whole new culture that appreciates global women's influence and beauty in a fresh and exciting way.

Get ready to embark on a global modern elegance revolution! Miss Meta Universe is an online voting platform where contestants can showcase their modern elegance and talents to a worldwide audience through online and social media. We'll have virtual interviews, stunning talent showcases, and, most importantly, the final winners will be chosen by not only a panel of judges but also the online general public through a voting system.


Calling all influential women! 👑✨ Embrace your elegance, positive energy, and sensuality like never before with our Miss Meta Universe 2024 Contest!


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